Monday, August 6, 2018

Opening Session of Convention!

Opening session was held in the evening on Wednesday. I arrived at the hotel with just a few minutes to spare before the doors opened. I had elected to stay at my son's house during Convention but in the end I don't think I will do that again. It is just so much easier to stay at the host hotel so getting to events is easier and you can also spend more time hanging out with your new friends. Next summer I will definitely be staying at the host hotel.

There was so much excitement and anticipation in the air before the Journey Staff would let us in. 
This is what it looked like from where I was standing.

When they let us through that golden curtain there was dance music playing and everyone was moving forward to get the very best seats they could to see the presentation. People were milling about everywhere meeting up with friends, waving to friends and of course saying hello to the Journey Staff who were there to welcome us in.  I was so excited I know I was smiling like the Cheshire Cat. Of course, my first Convention and so much fun to look forward to. Here come all the photos!

First things first, a photo of me actually there. Woohoo! 
Then a picture of our theme, Better Together.  
My upline Julie Robinson. First time meeting in person. 
Before the presentation began I snagged this great photo of Nicole Westerveldt (General Manager of FSJ), Jenny Arabo (VP of Coach Development)  and I. Thanks ladies!
Time for the show to begin!

Kim Kesti, (Creative Director) gets things started. 

We got 6 new colors to add to our color palette!

Unveiling of a fresh, hip, new logo. Love it!

And finally our brand new 2018-2019 Annual Catalog.

Given to us in a lovely logo bag. 

At registration we got another canvas logo bag with all our stamps, supplies and other goodies in it. We even got a brand new Good Life Planner in black buffalo check. Sweet!!

We all got pins for different things. I got a first Convention, Convention Presenter, my Journey Station tour pin and the theme pin, Better Together. 

So much fun and just for the first day! After picking up our logo bags at Registration that was it for day one. The coaches with the title of Manager and above gathered to attend a special event just for them at a location away from the hotel. Hopefully next year I will be attending the Managers Reception and will be able to tell you about it. That is one of my goals, to get promoted to Manager so I can enjoy that perk with all the other Managers and above coaches. I know Julie and several of the Journey staff will be helping me to plan and achieve that goal. That is what I love about being a coach with FSJ. Everyone is eager to help you and cheer you on. The Journey staff and fellow coaches from all levels are sharing and motivating to help you be a better coach and upline for your team. 

Well, that was a long post for today with plenty of photos. I just might have a few more to show you so stay tuned for the continuing Convention adventures.

Happy Stamping,

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